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February 28 2014

28 Feb

Ground Feeder

Temperature High 15.1 Low Minus 8.3 below ZERO

Barometric Pressure29.83

Sunny most of Day

Sunrise 6:51 AM Sunset 5:58 PM

Today’s Birds: Cardinal Chickadee House Finch

Today’s Picture: Cardinal under Feeders


February 27 2014

27 Feb

Two at New feeder

Temperature High 4.1 Low Minus 13.7 below ZERO

Barometric Pressure29.95

Sunny most of Day

Sunrise 6:53 AM Sunset 5:56 PM

Today’s Birds: Cardinal Chickadee House Finch

Today’s Picture: House Finch at “New Feeder”

February 26014

26 Feb

Temperature High 18.1 Low Minus 10.7 below ZERO

Barometric Pressure29.51

Sunny most of Day

Sunrise 6:55 AM Sunset 5:55 PM

Today’s Birds: One Cold Female Cardinal

Today’s Picture: Before and After Snow removal/New Feeder

BeforeNew Feeder

February 25 (Temp Delay Back Tomorrow)

25 Feb


Well, temporary delay, too busy, to cold!

Need to blow out Snow to get to Bird feeders!

Then install New “Yankee Flipper Feeder”

Think we will set Temp record in 2 or 3 days

of 50 days below “ZERO” we had 16 in a row!

Should have Pictures TOMORROW !

February 21 “Updated Info”

21 Feb


February 21 Evening, after blowing snow from two driveways each 115 ft long, my snow estimate this morning was wrong. MSP International Airport reported 9.9 inches, we had at least 9.5 inches.

Feb 20/21 2014 “Bigest SNOW This Year”

21 Feb

6 Inch's Plus

Temperature High 16 forcast Low 7 Above Zero (Battery Needed Outside in 3 ft of “Snow”)

Barometric Pressure29.27

Cloudy most of Day

Sunrise 7:03 AM Sunset 5:48 PM

Today’s Birds: None as of 7:45 AM

Today’s Picture: 6”plus “SNOW”B

February 19 2014

19 Feb

Must Be a WAY

Forecast 6” to 9” SNOW Overnight/ Tomorrow

Temperature High 42.4 Low 16.3

Barometric Pressure29.56

Sunny most of Day

Sunrise 7:06 AM Sunset 5:45 PM

Today’s Birds: None

Today’s Picture: “Floyd Chewing on Wire”