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December 10 2014

10 Dec

December 10 2014, Mostly Sunny. No BIRDS. Where did they go? Maybe they are here at “Sun Rise” have to get out of bed earlier, if I want to take pictures.

Heated Bird Bath is now back working (think outdoor outlet got switched off in the summer)

Temp is 25 at 5:30 PM, has been HI of 25 LOW of 20, the wind is SSW at 2 gusting to 13 mph.


December 01 2014 Cold Day

1 Dec

Cold SparrowDecember 01, 2014, Mostly Sunny. One COLD BIRD. Need to heat the Bird Bath, haven’t installed heater this year. (or can you say “Found”)
Temp has been HI of 10 LOW of -3, at 4:00 PM its 8, the wind is E at 1 gusting to 6 mph.