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Still no Computer

7 Feb

Well me and the iPad are not working on the same page.  The whole thing of not working withou a “Mouse” is not good for a 80 year old man who started working on “Computers” in 1959.  I was working (maintaining) main fram computers before detached keyboards and mice!  We had telatypes for keyboard input (with 5 level paper tape punch/readers) can you say “figs/h/ltrs” and know what it means?

Enough of the good old days, i now have to decide what brand of desktop I want to buy.  I don’t need a keyboard/mouse, or monitor.  I have these (Wireless) and a 40 in flat screen monitor with HDMI input.

Did I mention that my last 15 years of employment I maintained desktop computers and everything that connected to them, so I know what I want and need.  Hope to be up and running in 30 days, the iPad camera is great, just getting used to using it and transferring pictures to email,msging, tweet, and the Internet (facebook).

Bruce S. Haug (RVDriver@Q.Com)