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April 27, 2017

27 Apr

Well no pictures today, cold, high at midnight 35 degrees, low over night 32.  High daytime today, 34, right now at 6:00 PM is 33 degrees.  The good news is no rain today.  No birds today, no squirrels today, just cold and windy , 6 to 10 mph.


Tuesday April 25, 2017

25 Apr

Temperature 60 degrees at 1:24 PM, rain coming about 2 hours away, and we are about to get drowned.  Cow Birds invaded bird feeder and just IMG_0308about emptied it in 3 hours yesterday.  Look close you will see “Floyd” the Squirrel in the upper left of the picture in the grass.

Sunday April 23,

23 Apr

Temp high 69

Low 46  still learning how to run iPad

Seed 1

Trying to start again with iPad

22 Apr

Trying iPad again temp today hit 70 sparrow at feeder